The BEST Place on Earth

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Hit the Books!

Our education here in Athens is the best you can get. Our educators put most of their time into their lessons, in reading, writing, math, art, science, and architecture!

Fun Fact:

Athens has two of the best colleges in Greece! Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum!

Everyone gets a Say!

In Athens we have a Democracy. A Democracy is a type of government where we all get to vote for things for our polis. In Athens male land owners get to vote. You may say, What happens to the people who don't own land? Well, we use Redistribution. Where the poor is given some of the rich's land.

Music, art, and activities.

-The Dionysus festival, for the god Dionysus. Its a festival held every year, here in Athens. Its a fun time for drinking, athletics and plays.

-On the hillside a theater lays, for plays of comedy or tragedy, where anywhere you sit, you can hear them. They will even preform music too!

-Our art is about our gods. Beautiful Athena, is starred in many paintings. For art we have pottery, we make clay pots, bowls, and vases to sell. Also our architecture is art. From government buildings to school we take architecture very seriously.

Everyday Life

-In Athens, there are many different lifestyles to choose from.

You can be a merchant. (Trading selling, and traveling). You can be a farmer. (Growing, collecting and selling). You can be a fisherman. (Fishing, and selling). You can be an educator. (Teaching). Or you can go freestyle. (Do anything you want)

-Women in Athens do not get to vote, yet are able to live lives. Men 20 to 50 could be called up to help in the military.

Rankings of each Class of People.

First at the top of the rankings are citizens. (Rich, male land owners.)

Next are the merchants, farmers, and others job workers.

Then there are the women.

After that are the slaves at the bottom.

Famous Attractions!

In Athens, we have many famous places to Wow you!

We have

  • The Parthenon, a temple to worship our most favored goddess Athena
  • The Acropolis, a mountain, that we trust to hold our beloved Parthenon
  • The Agora, a shop for anything and everything

Gods and Goddesses

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Our main Goddess is Athena, the god of war, wisdom, and craft.

Some of the other worshiped Gods!


In Athens our most famous foods are grapes, olives, goat's milk and cheese, and fish.

Around us!

Homes- In Athens we have stores connected to our houses. So if you stay with someone they will be right next door if you need them. Our homes consist of a kitchen, a storage shed, an animal shed, a lounge, possibly a bathroom, and possibly an upstairs room.

Transportation- You can walk everywhere, for trading you can use a boat to travel elsewhere.


In Athens we compete every 4 years in what we call the Olympics. Some of our talented athletes travel to Olympus, to compete in track and field, horseback riding, wrestling, chariot racing, and boxing.

Travel Alerts

-Athens is not warlike, we believe in education. But our neighboring city, Sparta, is warlike. Many cities have been taken over, so you never know.

-Be careful to pay off your debt, or else you could be sent out of the city for not paying.

If you are a male between your 20's and 50's you could be called up to military.

-Of course you are going to have natural disasters, just like any place, but be aware of them. Especially because we are by the shore. (tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes)

Hope to see you here in Athens!