Adloyada Festival


Our Special Day Is Coming Soon...

It happens once a year!! Adloyada is a comic parade held on Purim and Shushan Purim holiday. Adloyada is a tradition that happenes every year at the city of Holon.

It starts in the morning and ends by noon. It's a free and the people enjoy the amazing experience of concerts, dances, music, and fun.

come to enjoy the amazing shows and colors with different customes and dancers from many different cities.

you'll enjoy and have lots of fun!

join us and i promise it will be amazing!!!

Adloyada Festival

Thursday, March 5th, 11pm

Holon, Israel

Holon, Center District

Hours of operation

11:00 pm-14:30pm-See processions dancing, acrobatics, Groups torque.