ArtBeat 10

October 24, 2022. Updates from the Academic Arts team


Welcome to Dance KB, 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, and 5B!!

A Look Ahead: This coming week will be this group of students last week in dance. We will be reviewing everything from the last quarter as well as having a little end of quarter fun.

Highlights from Last Week: I have really enjoyed and love seeing each child grow in dance in their own individual way! Love watching 4th and 5th graders performing their own versions of a musical of their choice.

Reminders: Please remember if your child has dance to wear clothing that is great for moving while still keeping in mind the NCCAE dress code.

Have loved having each child in dance this quarter and sad to see them go! Mrs. Majewski


Welcome to Drama Class Second Quarter with Mx. Flannery at NCCAE!

A Look Ahead: Next unit is "Using the Mind and Body in Drama Class." Talk to your child about ways they can control their body and focus their mind in a classroom.

Highlights from Last Week: Last unit was SOARing in Drama Class. Ask your child how they can be safe, organized, always respectful, and responsible in Drama Class.

Reminders: Ask your child about how they can SOAR to help the class earn 21 Stars for a party and earn an owl buck for the Hootie Train. Give your child a photo of your family to bring to class to posted on the Drama Class Wall.

General Music

A Look Ahead: SOAR-ing in the Music Room

  • This week, we welcome a new group of students to the world of music. I am so excited to have you! We will revisit our school-wide rules and how they translate to the music room.

Highlights from Last Week:

  • Our Quarter 1 music students wrapped up their instruction with learning the instruments of the orchestra. We discussed the various instrument families: Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, and Strings.
  • Ask your student what their favorite part of music was!

Reminders: Continue to encourage students to work towards classroom goals and rewards.

Visual Art

Welcome to new students for 2nd Quarter!!! Our first day will be taken up with orientation and expectations. The rest of the week will include:

A Look Ahead: stacking sculptures, printing from foam plates, clay figures

Highlights from Last Week: sharing and responding to final projects of 1st quarter

Reminders: Smocks and t-shirts are always available to protect clothing. Please remind students to make use of them if this is a concern.

Physical Education

.A Look Ahead: Students in grades 3-5 will be doing 'Fitnessgram Testing. Students in

K-2 will be learning about the nonlococomotor movement of hitting and striking an object like a ball or balloon.

Highlights from Last Week: The past week was a short school week. Students reviewed and played the game Rollerball that focused on defending a goal as well as offensive offensive strategies to score points.

Reminders: Students should wear sneakers on the day they have PE class.