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Flexibility & Grace

Flexibility and grace in the physical sense are things we often talk about during dance and tumbling classes. Our students also learn much about mental flexibility and social grace as they navigate classes - even during typical times. Learning to wait their turn, following the examples of instructors and fellow classmates to improve technical proficiency, and making quick adjustments during a performance are just a few ways our students express compassion and gain cognitive stamina as a result of dance and tumbling experience.

Our Purpose Statement is as follows:

- To glorify God using the gifts and talents that He has blessed us with!

- To prepare dancers for ministry and professional dance.

- To offer dance classes that promote good health and enjoyment through the art of Dance.

How do we continue to live out our Purpose here at MKS during a pandemic? As our world has seemingly turned upside down, I am learning to be flexible in my own thinking and leadership style as I navigate all of this. As someone who loves to plan and prepare well in advance, God is pushing me to trust Him with the details and become more comfortable with transitioning more quickly than I would typically like. This past Spring, I was tested and tried. At first it was only a week or two that we would be out of the studio, then it was longer, and then - well, you know the rest.

As I look at how we emotionally manage all that is new and uncertain, I am also challenged to extend grace to those in my household, to not make quick judgements when looking at the news or on social media, and to remember to smile (even when only my smiling eyes are visible) when out running essential errands. People are in so many varied situations, and I pray that I can remember to consider another person's perspective before responding.

Our modified Summer Session has gone well, and I praise God for that blessing! It has been wonderful to see students dancing once again and making healthy connections. The majority of students have been in-studio, with some students on Zoom.

The staff and I have begun planning for the upcoming School Year. We want to fulfill our Purpose and know it will look different this year than it has in the past. We are improving upon what is working this Summer along with creating a flexible schedule for our students and families to provide healthy options for everyone along with keeping the studio viable. We would love for all of our classes this year to be in-person and not require modifications (such as classroom spacing or masks) and virtual necessities (such as Zoom) in order for us to maintain healthy spaces for our students, families, and staff. Yet, we are committed to being flexible in order for our students to continue learning to dance and growing in faith, no matter what. We want to be here for you and connect with you the best way we can given the current (and ever-changing!) circumstances. After 18 years of developing our programs and systems and events to all function consistently and efficiently, it takes a lot of flexibility for my Type A personality to shift.

Our hope is that everyone will continue to be flexible with us and full of grace for one another as we enter into and navigate through the 2020-21 Dance and Tumbling year!

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Small Space Exercises for Maximizing & Maintaining Strength & Flexibility

By: Dance Teacher Web

No matter the space one is currently in, there is always a way to maintain conditioning. No excuses. We may not be able to execute a million pirouettes and have to curtail leaps and elevation for safety reasons because of space and surface confines, but developing strength and flexibility in all parts of the body is attainable. Below are three go-to exercises that multi-task and multi-target different areas, so you are getting the most bang for your buck. As always, aim to hold stretches for a minimum of thirty seconds and build repetition as your master each exercise.

  1. Sit with legs extended in front of you. Arms in second. Open the right leg into a wide second, then close with the left as you travel around in a circle like a clock. Hold the stretch when you hit the open second position. When you rotate back to the beginning position, facing front, change arms to high fifth and reverse by going left and repeating the exercise, opening the left leg and closing with the right all the way around. Make sure you are pulled up, engaging the core and back muscles and opening the legs in a wide enough second position that you are safely getting a stretch as you travel slowly in each direction. Be sure to add a pause between each closing of the positions.
  2. Lay on your back in a bridge position. Hips high in the air. Developpé the right leg in the air. Slowly flex, plié the leg three times. On the last extension, begin three slow battements. After the last battement, hold the leg (behind the ankle, calf or hamstring) into a long-extended stretch. Progression: flex foot and add ten pulses after battements or maintain in isometric hold for two counts of eight. Modification: Lower hips to ground, laying on back and remove bridge pose.
  3. Start in a table top position on floor. Repeat four, slow, “cat-cow” stretches incorporating deep inhale/exhales. Bump the hips slowly right and left. Start to make small circles with the hips clockwise, then counter clockwise; circles getting progressively bigger. Alternate by shifting weight forward and back as well. Slow down and find your way back to stillness in table top. Slowly lift the knees off the floor a couple of inches and hover. Hold the isometric stretch for three long inhale/exhales, engaging and lifting the core and ensuring wrists are aligned under shoulders. Gently bring the knees to the ground. Start by repeating three times. End with big toes turning in to face each other and stretch back into a turned-out child pose position.

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