Sharia Law

It's negative effect on human rights


Although Sharia Law is intertwined in Islamic culture and tradition, it should be abolished. Sharia Law forces cruel and harsh rules upon society, and specifically infringes upon women’s rights.

What is the Issue?

Islamic leaders have used Sharia law to cage women, to lead terrorist attacks, to publicly execute people, and much more. Some countries are more moderate, (Egypt, Tunisia) while others use for political gain (Saudi Arabia).

UK: Pakistani parents found guilty of murdering daughter

Below is a news clip from CNN.

In this clip, 2 parents are found guilty of murder, after killing their daughter. She refused to take part in an arranged marriage the parents wanted, and they went ahead and killed her. They did not want to shame their family name in Islam.
UK: Pakistani parents found guilty of murdering daughter
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Public Executions

In Islam, there are many public executions enforced by the Sharia Law. The picture above shows a man about to face his death. The graph below shows the rise in the amount of deaths caused by Sharia practices around the world. It focuses on 2008-2010.
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Fear and Intimidation

Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority".

The man below wants to provoke fear against his enemies.
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Beneath this text, is a link to a film called Islam - What the West Needs to Know. This film tries to expose Islam for what it really is to the Western World.

The film tells of Islam, and it's beginning roots. They try and explain, while there are many peaceful Muslims, Islam is not a peaceful religion. Maybe you didn't know that Muhammed himself beheaded 700-900 people. There have been 14 centuries of Islam history, and it's always changing. They do not have a solid structure, because once a new person interprets a sign from allah, the old is void, and the new is now taught. It has no solid structure, and anyone can change it to the most strict, and crazy laws.

It is very interesting, and is told through interviews with several different people with different angles and perspectives.

Islam - What the West Needs to Know (full)

NGOs and IGOs

I found in an article by Amnesty USA, that there were 4 men in Saudi Arabia who had tried to create an NGO.The values were good, as the report said, “The NGO’s founding statement lists among its aims:”to spread and defend the culture of human rights, enforce its principles and values, and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, and “to reinforce the role of women in political participation and social activities in accordance with Islamic Sharia (law)”. Shortly after, the government, under the Sharia Law, had the men arrested. The founder was sent to 3 years in prison.

In my researching, I was unable to find any NGO’s, or IGO’s that specifically were opposing the Sharia Law, but I was able to find an organization BAOBAB, which was dedicated to helping women stuck in the Sharia system. For example, they helped a woman who was about to be stoned, and brought her to safety.

Who supports the Sharia Law?

Below are countries that were for the Sharia Law. The graph shows the percentage of people in favor.
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Sharia Law Violations

A story in TIME magazine, tells of how, an eye for an eye is no joke. A man stabbed his friend when he was 14 years old. The friend ended up becoming paralyzed from the stabbing, and the man has spent 10 years in prison. Now, with new technology, they plan to paralyze the man who had once left his friend paralyzed.

Where is Sharia being enforced?

The map below shows countries that are enforcing Sharia as part of their governmental law. There are Islams in all countries around the world, and many are trying to bring Sharia Law enforcement in Westernized governments. It is only time until we see the effects of Islam if we do not control it.
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Where are the Muslims located?

Below is a graph showing where the Muslim population is residing.
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So what now?

I think there are 2 options we can take. We can sit back, and watch as Islam takes over the world, or we can take major action. I say major, because after seeing the small group not be able to express themselves, it would take major action to get this goal achieved. Full force reformation would be needed.

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