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Monday: K-2 has standards work with Vickie Brown and Angie Dutton at 3:30 in the Media Center.

Tuesday: Webpage training with Dorencamp and Jacobs in the media center at 3:30

Tuesday: 2nd-grade WAVE

Wednesday: Grade Chairs meet at 3:30 in media center

Thursday: NO ERPD Classroom level spelling bees due to me, 5th Grade WAVE, SPT, Academic Honors (schedules below)

Friday: 3rd GRade WAVE

Academic Honors Schedule

9:00-9:45 3rd Grade

10:00-10:45 5th Grade

11:00-11:45 4th Grade

Please send all students who have gotten Principal's List or Honor Roll to the MPR 5 minutes before the start of their awards. We will begin on time.

PE will be held outside or in rooms or on Breezway etc. Thank you, Lynch and Dykes for ALWAYS being so willing and flexible.

If I Could Teach You, Teacher

By Joanna Fuchs

If I could teach you, teacher,

I'd teach you how much more

you have accomplished

than you think you have.

I'd show you the seeds

you planted years ago

that are now coming into bloom.

I'd reveal to you the young minds

that have expanded under your care,

the hearts that are serving others

because they had you as a role model.

If I could teach you, teacher,

I'd show you the positive effect

you have had on me and my life.

Your homework is

to know your value to the world,

to acknowledge it, to believe it.

Thank you, teacher.

Big picture

At a Glance

February 12: Standards for K-2 3:30 in Media Center

February 13: 2nd Grade WAVE Day. Castle gone Superintendent's meeting, Webpage training at 3:30 in the media center

February 14: Grade Chair Meeting and Classroom Spelling Bee Names due to Castle

February 15: Honor's Event grades 3-5 Principal's List and Honor's Roll 9am, 5th-grade WAVE, SPT 3:30 in Media Center

February 16: 3rd Grade WAVE in pm

February 20: 5th Grade to Planetarium, CiCi's pizza night

February 21: School Level Spelling Bee in MPR at 9am

February 21-23: Castle, Keilman, Tootle, Allen at Leader in Me Symposium

February 22-23: Watson the Whale

February 23: NC Art Museum, Morgan, Carter, B. Johnson

February 27: Castle gone to digital Leaders

February 28: Castle at Principal's meeting and Workshop Wednesday Staff Meeting