The Old Man And The Sea

by Ernest Hemingway

character analysis

The Old Man And The Sea is a book about a old man named Santiago who gets a really big catch. The old man never really catches anything but he is still confident. The old man is poor and lives in a shack. On the eighty fifth day of his unlucky streak he catches a big fish and he he knew it was a marlin. And even though he lost the fish The old man doesn't give up.


The story takes place in Havana, Cuba and mostly during the day. He is also poor. most of the time he is fishing in the shallow water.

praise or pan. I liked this book because it was interesting and I liked the characters and it was a sort of adventurous book.


I think that the theme of this book is to not give up and to just keep trying.


In the story the old man Santiago has a apprentice who is a boy named Manolin. Manolin would help the old man fish and help the old man secure food and him and the old man would talk about baseball. But the boys parents forced him to leave the old man so he could fish on a more prosperous boat. But he still talks about baseball with the old man. The old man is poor and normally just spends his times fishing. He never really catches anything though. But one day he was fishing and a really big fish caught his line and he knew it was a Marlin. Santiago wouldn't let it go easily. And when he finally caught the fish and killed the fish but blood spilled in to the water and attracted sharks to his boat and he lost the fish to the sharks. But even though Santiago lost the fish he still wouldn't give up.