2014 EdTech Resources

Veescope Live App

A green screen app with the option of videoing against a blank wall or using a green screen surface. Upload images to use as backgrounds or use images from the app.

"Increasing Literacy Through Web 2.0 Tools"

A collection of websites great for research that relate to science, primary sources, history, and more. There's also sites with lesson plan resources and sites for sharing student work.

Screencasting Sites


Teachers can assess student understanding immediately by scanning student Plicker cards. Only one device is needed!


Curriculet Intro

Pear Deck

Plan interactive presentations where students join the sessions and respond to questions on their devices. Real time data collected and everything is stored in Google Drive!



Create, play, and share games that support learning and assessment.


Teach Coding in the Classroom!

A great way to engage students as they learn to be problem solvers and critical thinkers!