The Wolof Empire

By Benny & Genesis

The Early Years

Wolof was a state in west Africa that lasted about two centuries. The island that is now Senegal was taken over by the Wolof empire during the time europeans first started to make contact.


After the year 1200 A.D the Wolof state was founded and was ruled by a king. By the 14th century the empire had dominated most of the states that were bordering it, But most importantly they had took over cayor. The empire had became very powerful and dominating by the 15th century.


The Portuguese arived in the west part of Africa, where Wolof was located. The Portuguese made a partnership with the emipre Wolof to trade what they have for valuables that they need. Even though they did trade, The Wolof empire remained independent just in case of a evil plan.

Cayor's Rebeliance

In 1556, Cayor rebelled against Wolof and made an independent statre by the Senegal coast. That restricted Wolof's access to the sea which disabled the emipres ability to trade over sea or travel through sea.


Although we use dollar bills, in other places of the world they use different currencies. For example, in the kingdom Mali they use cowries and the reason im metioning this is because the Wolof empire is quite far from Mali but they use the same currencies. Although they are far from each other they use the type of payment and it relates to the paragraph about trading because one of the reason they have the same currency is because they had to pay each other and it would be convineint to have the same currency so it would be easier to trade.


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