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Women, Spirituality and Faith - Notes from Gael Sylvia

International Day of the Girl Child - Innovative Education: Women? Spirituality? Faith?

I am in awe at the power of God's presence in my life! The same is true of the amazing women and girls that we connect with via SGMN. As we celebrate the blessed freedoms of being a girl offered in our nation, I am also grieved that so many young girls are growing into womanhood without such blessings. The true blessing is knowing from personal experience the powerful reality of our spiritual voice and how it longs to be nurtured and heard. Educating the world about grace and power associated with being a woman also means educating ourselves about the power of our spirituality and faith.

The Faith & Spirituality segments on SGMN are here to encourage and inform you . Love and faith can prevail in your personal experiences and be transformative in the world. Connecting you to one another is only a small part of our mission. The bigger piece is connecting you to the power of your own spirituality and the transformative leadership rooted in faith. We hope that you will be encouraged from the wide variety of experiences shared here I am celebrating the most "innovative education" that I can think of: The joys of being a woman who hears the girl voice within my spirit. I am encouraged to keep moving forward in faith. -- Gael Sylvia

About Annette Ross, host of "Common Ground"

Common Ground, with Annette Ross

Annette Ross is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she concentrated her studies in religion and ethics. She was a visiting scholar at the Hastings Center for bioethics where she explored the broad subject of hope and medicine.

Her purpose with Common Ground is to ask questions, and to share, through thoughtful conversation, the aspects of humanity that so uniquely connect all of us. She is a happily married mother of five spirited young daughters.

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity"- Leo Tolstoy

Common Ground with Annette Ross Welcomes Kabir Kadre

You Are Invited to Alchemy - Occupy Your Sacred Self

Alchemy is the embodied experience of the kind of potent leadership that emerges when women connect to their deepest spiritual root, when they excavate through the layers of fear and numbness that stand between them and their sacred selves. This gathering will not have any keynote speakers or panels of experts at the front of the room; it will be a circular experience celebrating and harvesting the wisdom and leadership of every woman present. Yes, amazing and powerful women will be there – Carol Lee Flinders, ALisa Starkweather, Diane Longboat, Naomi Tutu, Ayesha Mattu, Kathy Hearn, Christine Page and many more – not as ‘keynotes’ but as members of a dynamic community exploring and building the very edge of women’s spiritual leadership in Her sacred service.

Kathe Schaaf & Kay Lindahl - Women of Spirit and Faith with Gael Sylvia
Minister Vicki Keyes on Front Row Conversations with Rev. Felecia Smith

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Common Ground, with host Annette Ross