Hero's Journey 5-8

Crossing the Threshold of New World

The Hunters found Atalanta and she soon became one of them. Of course she wasn't used to them at first because she had been raised by a bear for half of her life. Eventually she became familiar with the bow and grew strong.

Tests, Allies, Enemies

  • Atalanta's first test was the hunt of the Calydonian Boar
  • Basically her most well know ally was Meleager
  • Enemies were the boar and some of the people on the Argo
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Atalanta and the men on the Argo were caught up in the confusion of the boar causing havoc which led to the deaths if three men.

Ordeal, Death, Rebirth

Atalanta heavily wounds the boar with an arrow and Meleager finishes the boar off. Meleager considered Atalanta the hero of the fight and he presented her with the skin of the boar. But, Meleager's uncles were upset with her getting it.
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  • Boar skin: Victory
  • Bow: Protection, Danger


Savior/ Deliverer: Atalanta and Meleager were somewhat saviors of the fight