Forensic Pathologist

Kassandra Aguirre

What is a Forensic Pathologist?

A forensic pathologist is a doctor who exams corpses. It is there job to help the detectives figure out how the person die, rather it be from murder, disease or natural death. Becoming a pathologist means to have a strong stomach and being able to deal with grieve.

About Me

I’ve always had interest in crime and working with the law. I find it absolutely fascinating how you can investigate and find things that no one expected. Although this career is very intense and gruesome it something that I have always wanted to do. I don’t believe anything really sparked my interest in going into this field, although I started to really look into this career when my older brother left to a university to become a forensic scientist. He would always come back and tell me about the labs he would work on during class. It fascinated me so much, I started watching more CSI kind of shows and researching things that I didn’t understand. It was so interesting I decided that it was something I definitely wanted to do in my life.

About the job, Education and Salary

About the Job- A pathologist is depended on figuring out how the victim died. They definitely help solve cases, especially if their victim was murdered. Evidence they find can help court cases.

Education- You want to make that while you are choosing your classes for high school to choose the right ones to help in this career. Such as bio, chemistry, physics and many other core sciences. You definitely have to have a strong interest in science considering you will have to major in it. Education after high requires four years of medical school, time working with undergraduate work. And an extra year for your pathologist residency. "The first step is to get an undergraduate degree in a medical or science discipline, before completing a four-year medical school program to become a M.D. During your undergraduate education, you may choose whatever major you like, but keep in mind that certain classes are required for admission to medical school” (Purdue Science). Going into this field is so much work you have to take the right classes to get into the best medical school.

Salary- Starting salaries for professionals with a bachelor's or master's degree range from $35,000 to $50,000 annually. Forensic psychologists who find employment in the private sector offering consulting services often make anywhere from $80,000 to $90,000 a year.