EAT Semesterr Exam

Meagan Watson 2nd Year Intern


Teaching- Going to a field school Tuesday-Thursday.

Recreation- Nothing

Appreciation- Christmas Blocks for my teacher.

Fundraising-Sold cookie dough

Leadership- Science Night

Education Awareness-Nothing

Service Project-Nothing

Field Site

At my field site I am in a 2nd grade classroom with 22 students. While I am at my school I work with small groups of students working on sentence structure, basic math skills as well as going over tests with those who did not understand.

My Future As A Teacher

Being in the education and training program here at BCTAL I have decided that I don't want to be in a classroom with 20+ students, but have considered other majors in the education field, such as: Special Education, Speech-Language Pathology and math and reading help. In order to get where I am today with my major choice I had to do some serious research and decide what it is I am wanting to do. I was given the opportunity to job shadow a Speech-Language Pathologist, and ever since then I can see my self working with students who had a speech barrier. I have applied at three schools, the schools I have applied to is University of Iowa- first choice, University Dallas- second choice, and Texas Tech- third choice.