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Harmony Science Academy-Waco

March 17, 2021 Issue 20

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Herbert Spencer

STAR STUDENT for this week......

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Looking Ahead: Important Dates

3/18-5th Grade Virtual Tour of HSI

3/16-18th-Practice STAAR Test

3/24-Regional Spelling Bee

3/29-School Pictures

4/2-Student/Staff Holiday

4/6-4th Grade STAAR Writing Test for in-person students

4/7-4th Grade STAAR Writing Test for ALL virtual students

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Picture Day!

Monday, March 29th, 8am

1900 North Valley Mills Drive

Waco, TX

Order your pictures at mylifetouch.com


This week in Pre-K C, we are learning about the letter S, the number 19, graphs, and different kinds of healthy foods.-Ms. Ingroum

We hope everyone had a GREAT Spring Break!!!! This week in Pre-KB we are learning about; letter T, number 19, color gray, 3D shape (cube), rhyming words, and compound words.-Ms. Bateman

This week, our theme is I Can Build. We will continue to learn about construction as we review shapes and practice rhyming. Our focus letter is Tt and our number is 19. Mrs. Vasquez


Hi Parents, We hope you had a great Spring Break. We have new English packets for online students to pick up in the office. We will be taking our addition in math test next week. We will then start our subtraction unit. Enjoy the week and please let us know if you need anything. :) Kindergarten Team

1st Grade

We are starting a new unit in math! We will be learning about two-dimensional shapes and their attributes. We will describe shapes by their sides and vertices. In English LA, we are studying words that make the long o sound with ow and oa. Spelling Words - show, row, grow, low, blow, snow, boat, coat, road, and toad. Sight Words - answer, along, mother, children, woman, talk, going, and upon. In social studies, we will be reviewing days of the week and months of the year. In science, we will be reviewing what we have learned about the interdependence between animals, plants, and humans, the basic needs of living things, and the food chain.

Fun Activity-- Take your sight words and spelling words and write them in shaving cream!-First Grade Team

2nd Grade

Welcome back! This week students will be studying ecosystems and the environmental impacts on them. Grades are due by Wednesday, March 17 11:59 PM. Please check for missing assignments!-Mrs. A. Martinez

Math-I hope everyone had a blessed Spring Break. We will be starting a new unit over fractions this week. Please make sure that you check skyward for your child’s grades. All missing work and makeup work will need to be done by Thursday. Also please make sure that your child logs onto zoom everyday on time. Attendance is extremely important. -Ms. Lester

This week, we are working on spelling words with the ou, ew, oo patterns. We will begin unit 8 and be going over cause and effect. Please remind students to read for at least 20 minutes each day! -Ms. Brown

2A/2C ELA- Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful break. This week we will be starting Module 8: Time to Grow. This week will be the last week to make up any work from Quarter 3. Please send me a message on Dojo if your child makes up any work, so I may update it ASAP. We are so close to the end of the school year...... ATTENDANCE MATTERS! Let's get ready for Third Grade! We have 1 quarter left! We are Tiger Strong! Don't forget to bring water bottles everyday. -Ms. B.Martinez

3rd Grade

This week we will review important topics learned thus far in 3rd grade. These topics include, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and place value. Next week we will begin discussing the Topic of Measurement. Please remember to check your Class Dojo for important messages and notifications. Let Ms. Curtis know if you have any questions!-Ms. Curtis

ELA-This week we will be finishing our unit on text structure and reviewing how authors use a variety of organizational strategies to help readers understand the text. We will be working on spelling words with the -ed, -ing endings. Please remind students to read for at least 20 minutes each day! -Ms. Brown


This week, your child will be doing practice STAAR. Please make sure they are getting a good breakfast and are going to bed early each night. Also, make sure they are still completing their assignments for their classes and exit tickets each day.

- Your child will also be taking the CBA for Reading. They will still be taking a Spelling Test this week as well as a reading quiz over a particular story.

- Please make sure you are checking grades in Skyward. Anything below a 70 can be corrected.

3B Social Studies

- Your child will be reviewing this week. They will need to make sure they complete the Article 22 Test in Clever from Studies Weekly after reading the article AND their Exit Ticket. Both will be taken for a grade.-Mrs. Salas

Welcome back! This week students will be continuing their unit on Earth's systems. We will be studying rainforest and tundra ecosystems. Grades are due by Wednesday, March 17 11:59 PM. Please check for missing assignments!-Mrs. A Martinez

4th Grade

We will be taking our practice STAAR test this week and finishing up our unit on Geometry.-Ms. McCaig

This week, we are reading an informational text about sea turtles. We will start writing an expository text about a special person in our lives. -Mrs. Driver

4B will be working on Figurative Language, Argumentative Text, Summarization, and Retelling. We will also use Kernel Essay Outline to begin writing an expository essay about an important person.-Ms. Swanner

4C Social Studies

- Your child will be reading about Texas being annexed in article 20 in Clever from Studies Weekly. They will need to take the test after reading the article and completing their Exit Ticket. Both will be taken for a grade.-Mrs. Salas

Welcome back! This week students will be continuing their unit on the Earth. We will be studying weathering, erosion, and deposition. Please make sure all STEMscopes assignments are completed and turned in! Grades are due by Wednesday, March 17 11:59 PM. -Mrs. A. Martinez

5th Grade

In science we will be reviewing 5.8C(Weather and Climate). The students will be expected to differentiate between weather and climate. In social studies the students will be studying the invention of "The Adding Machine" and "The Final War for Independence"-Mr. Walton

Hello Parents and Guardians,

We will be taking the practice Reading STAAR this week. We will also be working in reading the text structure of biographies of famous people. This is the last week of quarter 3 and report cards will be coming out this Friday- All missing work will need to be turned in and completed by Thursday 3/18/2021. . Please check the dojo daily for any important messages.

We will be going on a Virtual tour of HSI on Thursday from 1:00-3:00 all parents are welcome, check your email for the zoom link or it is also on Class Story in the dojo. This is an important chance for fifth-grade students to be introduced to all that our school has to offer at HSI and prepare them for the transition from elementary school to 6th grade. Please make sure your student is present with their camera on during zoom and that they have completed all work before Friday. Attendance is extremely important and completing all work and exit tickets.

Thank you for all you do!-Mrs. Dunford

Hello 5th grade parents and guardians! We will be taking our practice Staar tests this week. Please make sure your child has a quiet place to work and is studying their notes for each class. We are starting our new unit on data analysis. We will be looking at various ways to graph data as well as how to analyze data based on the graph given. Please make sure your child is completing work and exit tickets every day as well as 2 topics on ALEKS each day. Thanks for all you do! -Ms. Piscacek

A messsage from coach kelly

Hello Tiger Family,

I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU! We really do have the best parents! WE RAISED $2,236.51 as a FAMILY for the American Heart Association. So amazing. I can not thank you enough for giving not only donations but your love and support.

Also please remember to send students with water bottles. We have awesome REFILL WATER BOTTLE STATIONS throughout our school to allow students to refill. They are awesome and easy to use. Did I mention they are TOUCHLESS :) Thank you again for all the support you have given us throughout the year.

If your student is absent, email the doctor's note to the attendance clerk (imeza@harmonytx.org) fax or drop the note inside the box outside the office by the window. Reminder: students have until 11:59 pm to submit the exit ticket to receive attendance credit for that day.