By Aidan Demauro


Ants are amazing creatures. They eat a lot of bugs. Also each year, they plow 16 billion tons of dirt. That is enough to fill three billion dump trucks.

Ants work very hard

They very hardworking insects too. They work for 19 hours. That is equal to 13.1 mega joules.Which is also equal to carrying a fifty pound rock thirty-six miles. Also, they have to carry leaves many miles. Then, they have to chop and smash the leaves, which makes a special paste they use that paste to grow a fungus, and that is what ants actually eat.

Ants have been on Earth for a long time

Ants act like they're the masters of the Earth well maybe they actually are. I bet we humans we humans can't work that hard. They have been around since the dinosaurs. Which was about one hundred million years ago. They even been around longer than us.

Ants and there jobs

Ants have many different jobs. Some include nurse ant, queen tender, guard ant, and worker ant.The queen lays the eggs. The queen tender carries the eggs to the nursery. That is where the nurse ant makes sure the larva does not dry out by licking it. Once the ant colony expands the worker, ants then make more tunnels. Forager ants go get leaves. Then, Gardner ants make the fungus. Wile all that happens the guard ant makes sure that no mysterious ants enter the ant pile.


Ants are really incredible creatures the can lift five times its wait. An elephant can only lift a log a fifth of it's wait. Ants can even carry a wait five times its wait upside down on glass! I bet an elephant can't lift a log upside down on glass. Also, ants make path ways that are sturdy enough to hold a deer without breaking. Also, making the fungus takes millions of different ants. That means the have to use teamwork just like us. These ants in the picture below are using teamwork to make a brige.
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