BY: Marie Lu


Have you ever read a book that was very funny, crazy, and full of action? If you have not, I think that "Legend" by Marie Lu would be a good book for you. Read on to find out more. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, you'll never want to put it down.

Where You Can Find It?

You can find it at our school library, a local library, or you can buy it online. There's even a movie.

Main Characters

Any Questions?

I you have any questions, ask me as many as you want. I'll try to answer them all.

Rising Action

The rising action starts, when June goes looking for Day. Day was trying to steal a cure for the plague (the plague was a sickness that mades you bleed from many areas of the body, it was very contagious), to cure his brother. Day got caught by Metias, then Day threw a knife at his shoulder, but the knife hit his heart, killing him.


The settings are grouped in different sectors like Los Angeles, CA and the Lake Sector. In every Sector there are different types of people.

In the Los Angeles Sector, there are people who are rich, some are nice, and some are mean. The rich people have big houses with many rooms. There are some poor people who live in very small houses, some with only one bedroom. The nice people are thankful for every thing.

The Lake Sector Is nothing but poor people, they all live in very small houses, there are different families in one house and they will try anything to get money. Some poor people move to the Los Angles Sector to show their talent and to become rich and support their families.


The climax is when June found out she was living with Day. Day was the one who killed her brother. One night they kissed, and she fell in love with him but it was too late to call off the soldiers she had called for. Before she left headquarters, her order was to find Day and take him to headquarters. When the soldiers came, they arrested Day for killing Matias and stealing money, food and medicine. June had to choose between loving Day and getting the man who killed her brother. She ended up killing Day, even though she loved him.


The conflict happened when commander Jamerson shoots Day in the leg, and he can't walk. This all started when June tricked him into going to his mother's house where the soldiers were waiting for him. That was when the soldiers caught Day and took him back with them to headquarters. the Commander was left with a big decision. Should she save Day or turn him in for her brother's murder. She decided that she had to turn him in even though she was in love with him.


The theme of the story is, "Is love is not more important than Family". When they were in a dark alley, June called for the soldiers. That was the very night Day and June had kissed. She was thinking about calling off the soldiers, but instead she thought about her brother Metias being murdered. When Day got captured by the soldiers, June went to talk to him and he said,

"Even though you tricked me, I still have a crush on you June:" She said, "I like you too, but every time I look at you, I think of my brother and that is what snaps me out of it. She was very sad.

Figurative Language

Example: Her cheeks were as red as a rose.

This is on page 80 where Day explained how June looked.