ActiveWords Plus 2.0

We give you back the only thing you can't buy!

ActiveWords Plus 2.0 is now shipping.

In May of 2012 we quietly started shipping ActiveWords Plus 2.0. Our goal was to stay under the radar until we were sure that what we had built and exceeded the expectations of our world class customers. The reviews and feed back have been great, and now we are ready for the Windows world to see what we have built

We realized that when we first started selling ActiveWords that we were way too early to the market. But the world and the market has changed. Now people want to get their work done, and are tired to doing stupid, repetitive tasks over and over. And are ready to try technology that will change forever how they use their computers.

Here's how to get your copy of ActiveWords Plus 2.0

It's a two step process...

STEP #1: Download ActiveWords PLUS 2.0

STEP #2: Try ActiveWords Plus 2.0 for 60 Days and begin to think about the tasks on your Windows PC that you want to speed up and automate. Our bet is that you will never use a Windows computer without ActiveWords again.

ActiveWords has never had a bad review!

ActiveWords is the best Windows utility product on the market! David Allen of "Getting Things Done" fame recently named ActiveWords in his top 5 productivity tools

Here's what's new on ActiveWords Plus 2.0

With ActiveWords, we give you back the one thing you can't buy: "Time"!