Law in society

The need for law

Every society needs legal and non-legal rules to monitor behavior within our society. The main priority is to protect our society and keep it functioning. The law aims to protect the rights of individuals and stop outrageous behavior that will ultimately effect the peace of our society.

What would happen if there were no rules and laws?

Laws are needed to provide a protocol of acceptable conduct and prevent conflict from happening that would effect us from every state. As for rules it keeps society in cohesion and makes sure we as humans are entitled to what we deserve.

The difference between Legal and Non-Legal rules

In any society, pristine or complex it is crucial that we have rules that cover all aspects of life. Example- Family, Social, Political, Economic and Technological. All of these aspects must have rules to establish a exceptional social structure.

Non-legal rules are made by individuals or groups, eg- parents, school. These rules can NOT be enforced by the courts. Rules help to resolve conflict that occur between individuals/groups.

Legal rules are made by law making bodies with the force, eg- parliament. These rules CAN be enforced by the courts. Throughout our lives we are obligated by legal rules [laws] that we must follow to ensure the safety of ourselves and others surrounding us. Different rules have different consequences/punishments, the severity is taken into consideration as well. You will not go to prison for wearing the wrong uniform but you may get a detention.

Sources of rules and law

There are two main authority figures in the relation to law. These figures are; Parliament and the Courts.

Parliament is also known as National sources are made by the legislative assembly. Parliament rely on omission. Parliament work together to ensure the safety of the country as well as make decisions based on what they think will help benefit us as a whole.

Courts is also known as Jurisprudence look after the common law, for example. Legal customs, human rights, civil rights. The courts look after our society by keeping us safe and making sure that the wrong people have no way of hurting

Examples of Legal and Non-legal rules that protect people and their property

A non-legal advantage is that if you for instance break a school rule the severity won't be as harsh as it does not apply to the government. If any conflict were to emerge the individual/groups would need to take the safety of everyone else into consideration. As for property if you damaged a desk, you would be asked to clean or buy a new one if damaged.

It is required that the law protects society and what we do with our belongings. If someone were to steal a car then rob the house the police and courts are obligated to investigate in what happened and have some sort of compensation come out of the case to repay for the damage done. What people do in society effects us all as well are all apart of one race, the human race. People who try to bend the rules will be prosecuted accordingly