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Need To Know: Strategy Reports due by May 9

  • The district requires documentation for services provided to HAL students (similar to an IEP for Special Education students).
  • Please start the process of submitting strategies that you have used with your HAL students. The form that you need to fill out for each of your HAL students can be found below. We will also email you a form to make submitting these strategies a quick and easy process. This information will then be included in a document similar to the IEP in Power School. This will be an important resource for teachers to gain information about servicing current and future HAL students. Teachers will have until May to submit strategies for each of their HAL students, but please start in the next month so that we may begin to obtain this important data. Thank you very much for your time and for your reflective responses.


Click on the link above to open a google form where you can enter strategies you have used with each of your current HAL students. Please complete this with each HAL student you have by MAY. Thanks for your support.

Final Notes

  • First Day, Next Year: HAL will be incorporated into the Freshmen/New Student first day schedule so that students are aware of the HAL resource room (351), services provided peer tutoring program and seminars held throughout the year. A selected amount of current HAL students will also serve as mentors for the new students.
  • THANK YOU to those teachers who have submitted the information regarding HAL students and strategies. This information will be incorporated into Power School this summer and will be a powerful piece of information regarding your students and their needs/talents in the classroom next year. Below, you can find directions on how to access this information beginning in August.
  • Newsletter Feedback: We hope that this newsletter has been a communicative and resourceful tool for staff. Feel free to email Megan Brewer and/or Nicole Menard with any suggestions or feedback for next year.

Need help with a differentiation strategy? Have concerns about a specific student identified to receive HAL Services? Do you have a general question about BW HAL Services that we could answer or direct you to someone who can? CLICK ABOVE