Fashion Designer

Created by Hannah Cherusseril

What must one do to be a Fashion Designer?

  • Go to fashion shows

Know what what is trending or in season to create garments people will like

  • Design Clothing

-Producing accesories, clothing, and footwear for the modern day shoppers

  • Running your own label/ business

-Being in charge of and controlling prices/merchandising

-Branching out your label (around the world and by hiring designers under you)

  • Approving/ pruchasing all materials and tools used for making clothing

-Looking at textiles and fabrics

-Buying materials from foreign suppliers

Career Requirements

Education needed

An Associates or Bachelors degree is typically needed in Fashion Design. Some designers combine that with a degree in business, marketing, or fashion design merchandising.


Being a fashion designer includes having basic courses in:

  • Color
  • Textiles
  • Sewing and Tailoring
  • Pattern Making
  • Fashion History
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Design of different types of Clothing and/or Footwear

Career Details

Possible Universities to Attend to Become a Fashion Designer

Base Entry Salary in Fashion Design

The median salary for a typical fashion designer in the U.S is approximately $46,184. Keep in mind this is only for the average fashion designer. Other fashion designers, in this case ones who travel around the world, will receive salaries triple that or more.

Advantages and Dangers

  • All expenses paid trips
  • Meeting different people all over the globe
  • Collaborating with new people
  • Setting your own trends- deciding whats "cool" and what is not
  • No boundaries and using your own expressiveness
  • Harsh critiques can sometimes destroy your career
  • Takes a long time to get a big break or you may not ever get one at all
  • Business issues- legal matters, copy rights, merchandise fraud
  • You travel constantly so there's little time for family and holidays
  • Could make you bankrupt at one point