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Travis High School Faculty Newsletter - May 20, 2019

Thank you for being diligent in your supervision duties and keeping students engaged in your classroom this week! We can use extra eyes and ears on duty before school, after school, and during lunches. Please do not give students passes other than emergencies. Do NOT send students to another teacher's classroom! (The gym is a classroom also!) Wear your jeans and a smile all week! We are almost there!


Monday, May 20

No Advisory - see bell schedule in Side by Side

Senior Trip - Click Here for list of students attending

Be sure you have ALREADY made parent contact for all students in danger of failing T4 or S2 - there should be NO surprises!! Update Student Conference Forms with T4 grades!

Tuesday, May 21

Senior Exams - 2nd, 4th, 6th

Underclassmen Exams - 6th

Exam grades input daily for exams given that day and final gradebook printed before you leave each day!

DEADLINE - 3:10 - Turn Completed Lunch Forms in to Ms. Bonner's Office!

Wednesday, May 22

Exams for ALL - 1st and 3rd

11:35-2:45 - Senior Activities- Graduation Meeting, Senior Slide Show, Senior Luncheon - Senior Teachers Must Attend and Assist

Exam grades input daily for exams given that day and final gradebook printed before you leave each day!

Thursday, May 23

Late AP Exams - US History, Computer Science Principles, Physics II

Senior Exams - 5th

Underclassmen - 5th and 7th

9:35-11:35 - Graduation Practice - Senior Teachers Must Attend and Assist

Early Dismissal (11:35) for ALL students

Exam grades input daily for exams given that day and final gradebook printed before you leave each day!

10:00-2:30 - Grade Check Out - F114

1:00 PM - Retirement Celebration in Library for Jamie Benson!

2:30-3:00 - Faculty Meeting re: Graduation - Large Gym

Friday, May 24

Late AP Exam - English Literature

Underclassmen Exams - 2nd and 4th

Exam grades input daily for exams given that day and final gradebook printed before you leave each day!

Early Dismissal - 11:35

10:30-2:00 - Grade Check Out - F114

Grab and Go Box Lunches from Jasons Deli Provided - 12:30

Seniors - Do NOT report until Graduation - attendance time is 2:00

Staffulty Reports for Graduation Duty at 1:50

4:30 - Graduation at Smart Financial Centre!!

This week's TIGER SHOUT OUT goes to Ms. Thomas! Thank you for helping us get fines and fees cleared for exemptions!

Getting Ready for End of Year Check Out

- Talk with students about fines and fees

- Student Conference forms for any student that failed a grading period

- Parent phone log for all T4/Semester Failures

- Summer PD Registration

- 504 logs and electronic signature for all students

- Sped accommodation logs for all students

- ESL documentation for all students

- Clear new buttons, blank grades, and INC

- Department Head check out list

- Turn in textbooks and teacher resources when ready

Downstairs book room will be open before school and during all lunches this week for textbook turn in!

End of Year Resources

Spring Semester Exam Make-Ups

All students who are absent for a final exam will have the opportunity to make it up this summer. Exam make-ups will be held in the O-Lab from 8:00am until noon from June 5th to June 27th.
End of Year Check Out Sheet

Please do NOT print. These will be run on colored paper and placed in boxes Tuesday. This is just a reference item for planning purposes.

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Student Teacher Conference Form

Updated form for 2nd semester

End of Year Textbook and Teacher Material Collection

Mrs. Vargas is currently collecting teacher resources, materials, and/or class sets. If you have any outstanding textbooks, teacher resources, and/or materials that you may not be using or plan on using for the remainder of the school year, please let her know. She will make arrangements with you to collect them.

See list below for current items issued.

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Information for Teachers of GT Students

Teachers in a GT assignment must complete a minimum of 6 hours for the GT Update. Of the 6 hours, a minimum of 3 hours of GT professional learning must be completed in FBISD. If teachers choose to complete a pre-approved update or other professional learning outside the district during the summer, an additional 3 hours must be completed in FBISD by September 14, 2019. The FBISD GT professional learning sessions will provide an introduction to GT Learning plans, how to address GT student needs to develop goals, and how to differentiate instruction to support the variety of GT Learning plans in a classroom.

Don't forget to recognize your students with a POSITIVE OFFICE REFERRAL!!

The Positive Office Referral should be used when a teacher wishes to reward a student for something academic or behavioral. This differs from the ROAR award in that Positive Office referrals can be issued at any time and for any positive behavior worthy of reward. The ROAR award is for students working hard over a period of time and producing academic results. To submit a Positive Office Referral, CLICK HERE. Students that receive a POR will be called in by an administrator and will also be awarded 25 Tiger Pride points!

Teacher Toolkit

As we all look toward the end of the year, it's clear that our students begin to "check-out." One way to keep them involved in their learning process and end the year strong is goal setting! Setting individual goals by providing even a little time in class for our students (and us!) to recommit to learning and refocus our attention may provide that final push we all need. Try setting aside some time in class this week to have your students write an academic goal they have between now and the end of the year. Here is a quick video detailing what this may look like with your students. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFVG__cTCmw&feature=youtu.be

High School: Modeling Goal Setting


Video 4-6: Scaffolding Goal Setting: World History, Ninth Grade, LTHS, La Grange, IL James Milkert, World History teacher at LTHS is scaffolding goal setting...

2019 Summer PD Resources

Summer PD Registration opens on Monday, April 22nd at 4:00 PM. It is important to note that we are a PHASE 1 campus when registering. See the video and catalog linked here for assistance! Additional information can be found in the Teaching and Learning Schoology Group under Resources as well as in eLearning under Resources. As you are aware, the opening of PD Registration can sometimes feel like "Black Friday" trying to get your spot secured first. The network will only allow 2000 people in the registration site at one time. If you are trying to register Monday afternoon/evening and get an error message, log out and back in until you are able to get in. Just be patient - it will work! :)

Looking up Student Passwords

As you've noticed, we now have a new system for updating our own passwords through my.fortbendisd.com. This changed the way we look up student passwords as well. Student passwords are updated through this new system now too.

No one has access to student passwords anymore with the new system.

Since they changed the system, the way to get initial information for new/current students is for you to do the following:

  • Go to my.fortbendisd.com
  • Login
  • Click on the tab labeled “Manage Your Student’s Profile”
  • Search for your student’s name

Their ID # and email address will show up if they are in the system. It may take a day or two for new students get an account.

  • Click on the box next to their Username/ID #
  • Click the “Change Password” button
  • Make sure the box “User Must Change Password at Next Login” is checked
  • Give them a temporary password such as 12345678
  • Click “Save”
  • The student will use the new password to log in and will be then prompted to create a new one.

Setting Up Challenge Questions on New Portal

Click Here for Job Aid to complete this task - everyone MUST complete

As we continue to provide you enhanced services, Information Technology will publish a Self-Service portal (MyFortBendISD) for resetting your password. The new portal introduces a security feature that is new to the district, challenge questions, that simplifies the password recovery process while adding a level of protection to your district identity. In addition to setting up three required challenge questions, staff will be also create three Help Desk verification question and answer sets. The Help Desk verification provides the ability for the Customer Service Center to assist you with processing a forgotten password. The portal will be accessible within the district as well as available from home, using either district or personal devices.

As this feature becomes available at campuses, Teachers will have the ability to assist students with resetting passwords within the same system.

New FBISD Visitor Policy

The following is the expectation of FBISD when we have visitors to our campus. These protocols are for the safety of all on campus and will help to ensure that visitors do not roam our campuses without approval/appointment. Please note – this includes any meetings – such as parent conferences, 504, ARD or other.

For Meetings: Classroom, Counselor’s Office, Administrator’s Office

The receiving employee will let the receptionist know they are expecting a visitor and what time the visitor is expected. Once the visitor comes to campus, our receptionist will check them in and call the receiving employee. The receiving employee will come to the front office to escort the visitor to the meeting space.

Visit to Clinic:

Once the visitor, most likely parent, comes to campus, our receptionist will check them in and call the clinic. After the clinic verifies the visitor, office staff/student aide will escort the visitor to the clinic.

Lunch: The front office calls to an administrator on duty in the commons and informs them of a parent visiting their child for lunch. The administrator acknowledges and waits to receive the parent at the Tiger. The parent might walk to the Tiger unattended if a student aide is not available.


The front office will call the registrar’s office to let them know that they have a visitor. The visitor will be met at the registrar’s office. When the visitor needs to go to the counseling office, the registrar’s office will call to let them know they are on their way. Student aides will be used as much as possible to escort visitors.

These protocols are expected to be put into place in FBISD.

Use of Edgenuity for Grade Repair

Thank you to all of our teachers that are utilizing grade repair in Edgenuity to increase student success! Please remember that if you are assigning units or lessons in Edgenuity for grade repair - you must use those courses marked Blended. OC and CR are for full credit classes.

If you are not yet taking advantage of Edgenuity for grade repair and would like additional information, please contact Mrs. Blake or Coach Lane. They can assist you with log in procedures and assigning lessons.

Don't Forget to Sign Up for your Biometric Screening!

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May 28

Teacher Work Day - turn in completed check out sheets to T-TESS appraiser

May 30

Julie's Retirement Celebration

July 1-5

FBISD Closed

July 29-August 2

New Teacher Orientation

August 2

AMBUSH Freshmen Orientation

August 5-6

District Professional Development Days (if not completed in summer)

August 7

Staffulty 1st Day Back on Campus

August 14

Student's First Day of School!!!


Our campus IT is Joshua Martin and his office is in the library! Please remember to put in a CRM ticket instead of emailing him when you have a request. If he spends his time putting in your tickets, he loses time to work on the tickets! Click Here for instructions. THANK YOU!

How to Reset Your Network Password

Do you have news to share? Email THS Announcements! (THS.Announcements@fortbendisd.com)

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