Africa the Beauty

4 Best Physical Features

Nile River

One of the best places to visit in Africa is the Nile River. This river is actually the longest river in the world, stretching 4,160 miles long. The Nile helps support agriculture because of all the water it contains, so the land is very rich. Another great thing about the Nile is it is a great source of energy. It produces a lot of Hydropower electricity that powers many things.

Congo Basin

Another beautiful place to visit is Congo Basin. If you are looking for a hot place to visit the river Basin is located by the equator so it will be pretty hot there. This basins water comes from the congo river. The Basin is the second largest in the world. Also this land has a lot of space to adventure and rome, about 1,335,000 miles in area. The Congo Basin could be you next vacation site!


Today you can visit the 4th largest island in the world, Madagascar! This land has lots of agriculture, which could make a great tour. This island is located in the Indian Ocean a very pretty site to see. This land is made up of highland plateau and lowland costal strips. Madagascar is calling your name, go visit it.
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Serengeti Plain

This beautiful land mass is located in Central Tanzania. The Serengeti Plain is the best grassland in Central and East Africa, so why not visit it? Located here are 500 different species of animals. Also this plain is 100 miles East and Southeast of Lake Victoria. Beautiful sunsets, big trees and grassland what could get better?