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Volume 1 / Issue 3: Tips, Tools and Resources

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How (and Why) I Stopped Saying, “I like the way you…”

For a long time, when I wanted to give students positive feedback about their work or behavior, I began with some version of, “I like the way you…”

  • “Jeremy, I like the way you’re working so hard on that math challenge!”
  • “Hey, everyone! I loved the way you just walked down the hall so quietly!”
  • “Lisa, I appreciate how much energy you have for this science project!”
  • “Markus, thank you so much for pushing in your chair after lunch!”

In addition to using this kind of language to provide positive feedback, I also used it to manipulate other students.

  • While looking at Richard with eyebrows raised and eyes wide, I might compliment Laura, “Laura I love the way you’re sitting still and ready to listen.”
  • “Rico’s group…I like the way you’re picking up your writing supplies and putting them away so quickly!” (I would be looking around the room at all of the other groups who were not cleaning up.)

Then, in 1995, I took a summer workshop with Paula Denton (one my most important and influential professional mentors), who later authored The Power of Our Words. Through this workshop, I realized that my language, something I had never really thought about that deeply, needed some work.

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Words Their Way Vs. Fountas and Pinnell

Click here for a side-by-side comparison between the two resources. This is a working document that Karen Knudson has been putting together. Click the link to see the full document.

Fountas and Pinnell Phonics Resources

Need more support in using your new Phonics Resources? Check out this video tutorial by Karen Knudson: F&P Phonics Resources. Use this Getting to Know Your Resources page as you watch the video.

Tech Tidbit: Breakout Edu

Have you seen those breakout rooms that people keep going to? Education has their own version of it called Breakout Edu. A kit of locks are available to purchase or you can do a digital breakout with an iPad for free.

Purchase Breakout EDU $89

Digital Breakout EDU FREE

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Keepin' It Real

Hope you had a great Halloween, if you celebrate! Micah went as a dinosaur. Instead of saying "Trick or Treat" he walked up and ROARED!

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