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Tom Robinson found guilty

On November 21 of last year Tom Robinson was caught on the floor beating up Mayella Ewell at the Ewell place. Mr. Heck Tate the county sheriff said that Mr. Bob Ewell came running into his office saying that a black man raped his girl. When Mr. Heck Tate saw her he said, that she was pretty beaten up on the right side of her face and had bruises on her arms and finger marks around her neck. Mr. Bob Ewelle said that Tom got ahead of him by a hair or else he would of caught him.

The man Tom Robinson that was accused of beating Mayella Ewell said that, he always passed by the place every day to go pick for Mr. Link Deas, because there is no other way to get there. Tom said that Mayella would always have something for him to do when he would come by the place. Mayella said that she was in the house getting him a nickel and that he up behind her up on her and took advantage of her. After the trail the jury found that Tom Robinson was guilty.

Lynch mob at Maycomb county jail

Atticus Finch a lawyer in Maycomb County said that, he was just watching the jail for the night because, there was a black man named Tom Robinson that was arrested for rape and was awaiting trial till the next day. Jem Finch a local Maycomb resident said that he wanted to help him control the group with Atticus so that they wouldn't kill Tom. Scout Finch and dill local Maycomb residents said that they were with Jem and just wanted to see what Atticus was doing.

One of the residents in the mob, Mr. Cunning ham said that, Tom was guilty of what happened and needed to be hanged. Scout Finch said that, She recognized Mr. Cunningham because, she knew his son Walter Cunningham. Atticus Finch said that, they had eventually left because Atticus said that he needs his rest he has trail tomorrow. The next day Tom Robinson went to trial to find out if he is guilty or not.

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Lynch mob in front of Macomb county jail.

Bob Ewell found dead after attacking children at night

On the night of the towns school pageant Jem and Scout Finch said that, they were just walking home through the woods and she forgot her shoes back at the school. Then when they were almost home Scout said, a man just attacked Jem out of nowhere. Then she said she saw Bob Ewell laying on the ground. She thought that Jem was up and then she sees a man attacking Bob Ewell and then picked Jem up and carried him back to our house.

The sheriff Mr. Heck Tate said that Bob Ewell was found dead after he attack the children because , he was found dead with a kitchen stuck up in his ribs. Atticus Finch the father of Jem and Scout said that he wad grateful that they were not hurt. Mr. Heck Tate said that Mr. Ewell fell on his knife by accident when trying to stab Jem and Scout.

Maycomb high school prom accident

Yesterday was the Maycomb county's High school prom for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Everyone at the prom had a good time according to one of the people that went that day. The prom was from 5pm to 10pm that day. during the middle of the final dance a girl said the big chandelier fell from the ceiling. The county sheriff said that it was an accident that the screws holding it up were lose.

rabid dog killed in maycomb county

on Monday morning in Maycomb Tim Johnson was shot by Atticus finch a local resident. Atticus Finch said that the dog was rabid and he put it down for the safety of children. Another resident named Calpurnia said that the dog was mad when she saw it coming.

dust bowl has hit the states

In most of the upper states a dramatic dust bowl has hit Oklahoma Texas and even parts of the northern states as well. Many of the victims of the Dust Bowl are moving out, trying to get to California or anywhere where it's clear. Most of the people that have went to California Were not welcome there. There have been many deaths that have happened in Oklahoma because that's were it is the worst.

There have been 500 deaths already reported in the area according to the people have left there. Many people have been told to go back home and haven called names when trying to enter California. There has also been reports of a baby dead and a mother in the country of Oklahoma and people have been trying to get out of there for days. The dust bowl may wipe out a lot of people in the areas of the states a man from South Dakota said.

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Tom Robinson trial letter response

Dear trial jury of the Tom Robinson case I have disagreed with the decisions of what happened to Tom. Tom never should of never been shot in prison for what he did not do. Tom never could have done it Mayella Ewell, she was beat up on the right side of the face and the person had to be left handed and tom was right handed because he can"t use his left. Mayella said that, her dad ran to her and bob ewell said that he was yelling from the window.

Tom had never tried to harm anyone and he would always help Mr. Link. Deas and Mayella Ewell because, she never had anyone else to help her. Tom said that he wouldn't charge Mayella anything for what he has helped her with around the Ewells place and he would always tip his hat when he went past the place he said. Sincerely Calpurnia.

Bob ewell death letter response

On the night of Bob Ewells death I think that he did not kill himself, he was murdered on the night of the Halloween pageant. when Jem and Scout finch were walking home from the pageant that they killed Bob because they didn't like him and cause he was considered trash. Bob Ewell never one wanted to kill himself he had no reason to do that to himself for any reason.

Jem and Scout Fich also probably thought that, that's the man who got Tom Robison put into jail and got killed by the guards so they said lets get him. Bob Ewell probably wasn't the most liked man in Maycomb county but he never would want to hurt anyone or himself. I just think that the sheriff Mr. Heck Tate is wrong and just doesn't like Bob. I hope that you see the way that I see that what happened to Bob Ewell on that night. Sincerely Mayella Ewell.