Elements of fiction

The outsiders


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Characters is a person in a play or poem

Characters In This story is pony boy ,soda pop, Darrel, Dallas , two bit , Steve Johnny Cade


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Settings is the time and place of a story of a play

The settings for the outsiders story is in Oklahoma Tulsa in 1960


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Plot is a series of major events that make up a story or drama

The plot of this story is the rumble the rumble gave them props that their something

Point of view

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Point of view is vantage point in which a writer tells a story first person third person limited

The point of view in this story is 1st person because pony boy tells the story


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Theme is the meaning if the story

The theme if this story is bitter it's all about the flashy cars and the riches folks but the outsiders think other wise


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mood is a story atmosphere or feeling it evokes

the mood of this story is bitter and rebellious