Welcome to Personal Fitness

Welcome to Personal Fitness

I have been teaching for GAVS since 2013. I have been teaching Health and Physical Education since 2000. I have 8 years of online teaching experience. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and a Georgia Master in Physical Education.

Personal statement of teaching philosophy and goals

The purpose of Physical Education is to provide positive learning opportunities that allow students to participate in a variety of physical activities that develop physical and mental skills to become physically educated and fit for a lifetime. Physical Education classes at the High School level teach students the importance and benefits of a physically active lifestyle. The student should be able to make a personal choice for personal fitness now and as an active adult.

In the online environment, my goal is to provide quality instruction for all my students. This course consists of assignments with clearly defined due dates and allowa students to create a variety of products. The physical activity portion of the course is rigorous and documented by uploading workout heart rate data for teacher review.

I believe that my role as a physical educator is to impact my students in a positive way so that they want to be physically active and fit. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to achieve their potential for future success.

I am looking forward to working with you and supporting your learning and helping your reach your fitness goals.

Email me with any questions!