Silurian Period

By: Alician Todd

Major geological events

When the silurian time period started, the climate started to get warmer and sea levels started to rise as glaciers started to melt. Also many sea mechanisms were starting to develop as well as some additions to the existing animals, like fish starting to earn jaws. One of the sea mechanisms during the time was the brachiopod. Plus corals, insects, and spiders were formed.

The climate

The climate during the silurian period was beginning to become warmer as glaciers began to melt ( as said in Major geological events. ) Nature was also starting to form. Some of the nature that was starting to form were lichens, moss, hornworts, and liverworts. The environment was like a little forest.


As said in The climate some of the organisms starting to form were lichens, moss, hornworts, and liverworts. But there are other organisms like arthropods, millipedes, centipedes, and arachnids ( spiders. ) These creature were the first to breathe air. Plants would have upright stalks and leaves were very much of leaves yet.

What you might want to see

If you were to be alive during the silurian you might want to see the many things in marine life. You will need to bring scuba gear to go underwater though.

What to pack

You might want to pack scuba gear to see and breathe underwater if you wanted to see the marine life. You should also pack food and other objects to get you through each night.

Dangers you might face

There are not very many dangers in the silurian period. But some of the dangers could have been placondermi fish since they have jaws and sharp teeth for the first time unlike in the previous periods. Also acanthodii, which are like sharks, could harm humans.