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Andrew Jackson's Presidency

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Jackson Political Cartoon

The political cartoon above is about how Andrew Jackson tried to take the Indian's land from them. The Indians initially went to the Supreme court to have this changed. The Supreme court did NOT agree with Andrew Jackson, so they over ruled this and The Indians could keep their land. Jackson however didn't care what the Supreme court had to say. President Andrew Jackson took the Indians land anyways.


Dear President, Jackson

I am a Cherokee Native and. I think what you're doing isn't fair. I, my family, and my ancestors have lived on this land for over thousands of years. Why can't you just go take over the other places, or even where you guys came from? We don't want war we only want peace, we just want to be apart of your country or Independent. Please Mr. Jackson find it in your heart to show mercy.

P.s LeBron James

Factory Owner

Dear Mr. Jackson

We love love love what you are doing with our country. You charging them Southern boys extra is helping me make a fortune!! Mr. Jackson you sure do have my vote, I'd pick you to be president for as long as you can. You're taking land from those stupid Indians, and giving it to the U.S that's just more and more land! I love the job you're doing please continue to do it!

P.s LOVE Marcus Paige