The Pillars of Islam


Presented by NANCY

What I am going to talk about is the five pillars of Islam.
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The first pillar of Islam is testimony of faith

The first pillar is saying that the porpoise of this is that they were born to serve God and obey him with respect this faith is called the Shahadah.
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They must at least pray five times a day no matter where they are at and pray in a mosque or where ever they are at. Must always face the holy city of Mecca, and this is called Salah.
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They do not eat the Islamic holy month of Ramadan ,Muslims do not eat or drink anything all day. This also reminds them that they are more important than things in life than eating.
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Muslims must give money to the people in need. The money will be used to help the poor build mosques , in other words this means that helping people is very important in Islam.
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Over two million people go each year to Makkah to pray. They put face paint or chalk , they give honor to mosques and pray Allah.