Week of February 17-21

This week at a glance...

Reading: We will begin our study of fables, folktales, and myths. Focusing on discovering the central message, lesson, or moral.

Writing: Beginning our study of opinion writing. I am so pleased with how our informational articles turned out! They should be making their way home soon.

**Since last week was a short week we will have the same spelling list this week.

Math: Continuing chapter seven and looking at patterns in multiplication and division.

Social Studies: We are continuing our study of the American Revolution with a focus on the battles of South Carolina and key figures from the war that were South Carolinians.

Science: Finishing up our study on motion. We will finish up Thursday, review Friday, and test Monday. The study guide for this unit will be sent home Thursday.

Silent Auction Basket

Our class is donating a garden basket to the silent auction. Our students will decorate a large garden pot as the "basket". If you could donate something to go along with this theme that would be very helpful. Some ideas are: gardening tools (a small shovel or weeder), seeds, gloves, small watering can, or a garden flag. If you're not sure what to send and would rather just done a few dollars to go towards purchasing something, then that would be helpful also. OR if you have connections to a local business that would be willing to donate something it would be tax deductible.

Thanks in advance!