Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 15, Thursday May 17 2018

Principal's Message

It’s MOVE WEEK… round 3!!! Again a huge thank you to all of the parents who helped with the Y2 move today. We are in!! The space looks wonderful – with a little more time to get sorted we will be ready to showcase our new flexible learning spaces.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you are visiting the classrooms you should access them from the outside doors - there is no access to the classrooms from the flexible learning space through the centre of the building.


Now that the weather is turning colder and winter is definitely here, I have noticed more and more students wearing variations to our uniform, including hoodies and jumpers that are not from the Parkhill Uniform Shop. I wanted to share with you what the uniform expectations are. We have plenty of second hand uniforms available should you need this – please pop into, call or email the office for details!

Summer: Terms 1 and 4 (Optional Terms 2 and 3)

  • Parkhill logo sky blue short-sleeve polo;

  • Parkhill logo royal blue sports polo (Y5 and Y6);

  • Parkhill logo royal blue bomber jacket;

  • Parkhill logo royal blue windcheater;

  • Parkhill logo special item (e.g. jacket/jumper) (Y6 item);

  • Parkhill print summer dress;

  • Plain lose fitting navy blue shorts;

  • Plain white socks.

Winter: Terms 2 and 3 (Optional Terms 1 and 4)

  • Parkhill logo sky blue long-sleeve polo;

  • Parkhill logo royal blue sports polo (Y5 and Y6);

  • Parkhill logo royal blue bomber jacket;

  • Parkhill logo royal blue windcheater;

  • Parkhill logo special item (e.g. jacket/jumper) (Y6 item);

  • Plain navy blue long trousers or track pants;

  • Parkhill print winter skirt;

  • Navy tights.


  • As plain as possible white or black sports shoes or black school shoes.

Sun Protection / Hats

Sunhats are compulsory from 1st September until 30th April (all months containing the letter ‘R’) and any days in between when the UV rating is above 2.

  • Royal blue slouch hat;

  • Plain navy blue beanie (Terms 2 and 3 only);

Students are encouraged to wear sunglasses (plain blue).

Rain Coat / Parkers

  • Plain navy blue raincoat / parker.

Hair accessories

  • Hair accessories should be as plain as possible in school colours (white, sky blue, royal blue, or navy blue).


  • Watches, small plain stud or sleeper earrings, medical alert items may be worn;

For occupational health and safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that no other jewellery is worn by students whilst at school.

Make up and Nail Polish

No makeup is to be worn to school by students (unless required as part of curriculum, e.g. concerts). No coloured nail polish is to be worn to school by students.


As you may be aware, our super-duper active PFA has been, and continue to, raise funds to help us develop our play spaces once the building works are complete!

We would like your help. Outside my office in the foyer is a large empty display board, which Roger recently installed for us. I would love to develop a community vision board where together we can develop ideas for our play spaces at Parkhill. Next time you see something in a play area that you love, take a photo, print it off and come pop it on the board… or next time you see something in a magazine or newspaper that you think is a great idea, cut it out and come pop it on the board! The vision board is like a wish list or an ideas pallet for how we would like our spaces to look.


Y5/6 Camp: On Tuesday the Y5/6 group are heading off to Sovereign Hill for three nights of activities and adventures! Stay tuned on Flexibuzz for updates and pictures!

Story Time: On Tuesday we will have our first Story Time for the Kinder children. It will be held in our new classrooms.

Have a great weekend,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Tuesday May 22 - Friday May 25 - Y5/6 Camp

Monday May 28 - Y3 Radio Awareness Incursion

Tuesday May 29 - ICAS Science

Wednesday May 30 - Open Day/Night

Monday June 11 - Queen’s Birthday - Public Holiday

Friday June 29 - Term 2 ends at 2:30pm

Student of the Week

FS - Whole Class

FT - Aiden K

1BC - Hayden K

1HE - Whole Class

2C - Will M

2M - Emily B

3M - Dylan M

3R - Henry B

4G - Earl S

4N - Nyaboth K

5D - Isa S

5H - Beau V

6CM - Cooper N

6L - Thomas P

Art News

Your School Diary is looking for budding artists to design the cover of the 2019 school diary!

The Cover Art Competition is open to all primary aged students and is free to enter. It closes on Friday June 15 2018. The winning entry will receive a $100 Dymocks book voucher for the school and a $50 book voucher for themselves. Parent consent must be given for participation.

If you are interested in entering, please see Cathy Bateman for further details. The entries will be sent all together, so submit them to Cathy Bateman by Friday June 8 at the latest.

Cathy Bateman

Visual Arts

Games Club - Donations Required

Games Club is after any spare/unused picnic rugs for use during Games Club and for drawing activities during recess and lunch. If you have any picnic rugs you would like to donate please speak to Kerry D'Arcy or bring them to the office.

PFA Newsletter - May 17, 2018

Calendar of Events

Saturday 2 June - Trivia Night

Wednesday 13 June - Cupcake Stall

Thursday 28 June - School Disco

Thank you!

A BIG thank you to Lisa J for organising a great Mother’s Day Stall for the Parkhill Community. It’s now time for her to hand over the reins, so any avid shoppers out there, get in touch with the PFA at

A heart felt thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the stall a success - Caroline N, Vanessa C, Des A, Elsie M, Irene A, Fiona C, Sumi S, Pip P, Chelsea K, Kirsten M, Eva C, Dan E, Janine B and Kylie. We couldn’t have done it without you!

A BIG thanks to Katrina Battle for organising Parkhill’s Mother’s Day Movie Night. The cinema foyer was abuzz and the yummy goodie bags waiting on our seats finished off a great night.

Parkhill Families...It's Trivia Night Time!

Tickets are now on sale! This is a really popular event, so grab your tickets ASAP.


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