Ralph Lauren

By: Angel Mackay & Treavon Tucker

Personal Statistics

Birth Name: Ralph Lifshitz

Birth Place: Bronx, New York

Birth Year: October 14th 1939

Education: Baruach College

Martial Status: Married to Lauren Bush

Famous For.....

Ralph Lauren was known for neckties and eventually opened up a whole menswear, and women's suits tailored in a classic men's style.

Fabrics & Styles

In the collection from Italian Jacquard to Scottish wool tartan and Belgian linen + many more fabrics.

styles include suits, smart blazers, v-neck sweaters, neat polo shirts, and crisp dress shirts.


Ralph has won 2 awards The Coty awards and Legion of Honour.

Price range

clothing prices ranges from $29.99-$9995.00

Ralph Lauren is a Bridge Label.

Other Products

Ralph Lauren also have Perfume and Cologne and have a household collection.

3 things to remember

Ralph Lauren's birth name is Ralph Lifshitz

Originally known for designing neckties

Won The Coty Award in 1971 in the category "Menswear"

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