Germain Pilon

By Quinn Hamlin


Germain Pilon, a famous sculptor who was very popular in the Renaissance. Born in 1528 in Paris, France, Pilon also spent his entire life in Paris until his death in 1590. Pilon's training started when he was young in his father's workshop. Pilon lived a very active life. Pilon was solely a sculptor. His most famous sculpture is the Monument for Henry II. His patrons include: Catherine de Medici and Phillhert de l'orme

The Work

The piece is called the Virgin Mary which was sculpted out of bronze from 1585- 1590 by Pilon. Today, this piece can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY. The significance of this piece is that it was sculpted from bronze which is particularly interesting for the era. I find this piece so interesting because of its technique for the era. The sculpture exemplifies Humanism because of it's perfection and the human emotion of Mary.