Harmful Oceanic Bacteria

BY: Heather, Trish and Skylar

Vibro Vulnificus Bacteria

It occurred in Sarasota, Florida. It is a human flesh eating bacteria, and has killed several people. It can enter through open wounds and eat the flesh and make you sick. You can get sick by just entering the water. It looks like burn blisters from a fire. It can also come from eating raw seafood such as Oysters. This bacteria can cause food poison, serious gastroenteritis, Septicema and Cholrea. The effects it has on the water is none it just occurs in the warm salt water. Has no effect on marine life.

E Coli Bacteria

It comes from contaminated water and food. Such as raw vegetables and undercooked beef. Has no effects on marine life or water. The effects are diarrhea and can cause severe anemia or kidney failure which can lead to death.
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