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P. G. Wodehouse


15 October 1881 through 14 February 1975 sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was know for being a strong English humorist. Throughout he enjoyed enormous success and popularity with beautiful pieces including novels short stories plays poems song lyric and journalism. Esteemed as a master of English prose. PG Wodehouse left behind a long dynasty of masterpieces. Career lasting every bit of 70 wonderful years.

Arrival in imagination

Based on my interpretation of his life story p.g Wodehouse came to an artist strain on his own. As a child Wodehouse was neglected by his parents and left many times in his own thoughts. In this solitude he found comfort in his humorous imagination and love for art. I believe this joy from his seemingly bleak childhood led him to his lovely writing style.


Monday, Oct 15th, 10pm


Baptized in

St. Nicolas' Church, Guildford