Starbucks Sustainability


Sustainability Goals

  • cut water consumption by 25% by the end of 2015
  • purchase Renewable Energy Certificates equal to 100% of the energy used in U.S. and Canada stores by 2015
  • find more creative solutions to improve energy performance
  • improve life quality in lots of coffee growing regions by investing in programs that help sanitation, water access, and hygiene

Sustainability Efforts

  • all cups are now recyclable
  • they sell reusable cups to cut down on paper waste
  • started to conserve water by installing efficient fixtures, monitoring consumption so they can see rises in water usage, repairing leaks, and upgrading filtration systems
  • installed energy management systems (optimizes heating and cooling, lighting, and equipment use) in stores
  • use renewable energy resources
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By the Numbers

  • offer cups with 10% recycled paper fiber, 50% PET in cold cups (european stores), and 15% PET in bistro boxes
  • from 2008 to now they have cut water consumption by 23%
  • have installed energy management systems in over 4,000 stores

Environmental Concerns

  • in 2012 they decided to look at their greenhouse gas emissions and they found that they were much higher than they should be due to energy use in their stores, manufacturing plants, and offices
  • then decided to start using renewable energy resources
  • have over 650 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) authorized stores - use recycled coffee grounds in tabletops, LED lightbulbs for 45% lighting power savings, low emitting materials (paints, sealants, flooring, adhesives, and coatings), and over 10% materials from within 500 miles of store
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Cool Facts

  • if you take in your reusable cup you save 10 cents on your coffee
  • Starbucks operates in 66 countries, which all have recycling methods
  • in 2014 the Penn. roasting plant became certified as 100% landfill diversion by Underwrites Laboratories