Tech It Out Tuesdays

Jennifer Downey ~ Instructional Technology Specialist

Week of Tuesday September 20, 2016

Tech Bytes

TES this whole week

Tuesday Reading PLC

Wednesday Reading Data Mtgs

Friday Digital Citizenship Week1 in the Media Center

Two Week Rotating Schedule starting 9/72 at JES!

Google Extensions I Love

Ad Block Plus * automatically blocks adds from websites when it is one of your extensions.

Adblock for You Tube * -block all adds before or after your video

Not an extension but a great website for sharing YouTube videos in Google Classroom

Apps Launcher for Drive by Google - Open Drive files directly from your browser in compatible applicaitons installed on your PC or Mac computer (not applicable for chromebooks).

*I would encourage you to have your students add these extensions.

Adding an Extension to Google Chrome

Want to add the extesnions above? Follow this tutorial video below!

Adding A Chrome Extension

Chromebook Tip of the Week

Keyboard Shortcut : Full Screen

Located: Above the number 5 key on top row

Looks Like: Square with triangles in corners

What it does: Hides your tabs and launcher for presentation

Use to share out your screen or have students present on the projector without showing your toolbar or other tabs open

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