The Harlem Renaissance

Poetry, Art, and ambition

The Renaissance that happened in Harlem

The Harlem Renaissance took place through the 1920's and the mid thirties. This brought many artistic forms to the Black community. Many artist arose from this movement. There was also many poets and men and women who wrote literature. This was a blessing for the people who had a talent with a pen or with a good beat.

The picture to the right was painted by Archibald J Motley Jr. This painting shows the joys and fun that came out of the renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance

Saturday, Nov. 13th 1920 at 9pm

Harlem, New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

Everyone come and and enjoy themselves in this time of creativity.


Jazz came and with a vengeance. Jazz came to the 1920s and many artist arose from jazz. Archibald J Bald Jr. painted this to illustrate the movement coming to life and influcening so many people

Gettin Religion

Another paining by Archibald J Motley Jr. This illustration shows men and women singing and praising in the streets. Illustrating how music transformed through this time period.
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My Dream Deferred

A dream deferred to me is just left behind. The dream itself is not forgotten but unreachable due to the time that has passed. The only dreams that are possible to reach are the ones that just come back. A situation or circumstance that gives the dream a chance to become reality.

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