Percussion Stuff

Nov. 17-21

In class Schedule

In class this week we are focusing on the Dec. 11, Winter Concert.

2nd Block, Sec. 2: Each day we will warm-up with the Great Hands Warm-up at 108 bpm. Monday there will be a PLAYING TEST on Christmas Medley M-end. Wednesday day we will take some time to rehearse the whole Christmas Medley and then we will spend the remainder of Wednesday and all of Friday rehearsing with the band in the band room.

On Wednesday, if you are not in the band room, you will be with me in the orchestra room practicing Moonrise D-E or Sizzle B-C

On Friday, I will be asking Dane to run the warm-up section. Do not move any equipment into the orchestra room except what you need to warm-up. Set up the band room for rehearsal of Star Trek, Festia, The Maelstrom and Loch Lomond

5th Block, Sec. 1: Each day we will warm-up with the Great Hands Warm-up at 96-108 bpm.

Tuesday, Nov. 18: PLAYING TEST The Christmas Song 49-end.

After the playing test, we will hack through Loch Lomond then begin rehearsing Star Trek, Festia and The Maelstrom

ASSIGNMENT DUE: Recording Assignment #2 is due on Friday, Nov. 21 at 2:30 pm. Recording yourself performing Alarm C-D or The Winding River 11-A on Movenote. Instructions for using Movenote are on my website:

Thursday, Nov. 20: You have the class period to record yourself, using Movenote, either a make-up playing test or the current assignment due on Friday. Later this week or early next week you will get an index card indicating what you may use for your recording. You can use my Mac laptop, the computer in the band room or your personal devices but it must be done on Movenote.

Marching Band Awards Evening

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 7pm

801 Hanna Rd

Manchester, MO

Check spirit notes for more details, but I know its a fun evening to remember the marching season we had.


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