6th Grade News

October 12th, 2015


Monday, October 12th - No school

Tuesday, October 13th - Robotics Presentation during school day

Wednesday, October 14th - Spirit Night at Rita's

Friday, October 16th - End of 1st 9 week grading period and Fall Festival

Wednesday and Thursday, October 21 - 22 - Guidance on Harassment

Thursday, October 22nd - Art Club Meeting

English Language Arts with Mrs. Franks

We are in the second half of Unit 1 in Springboard studying Expository writing. We have started with a graphic organizer, and we are now moving through the writing process step by step. There are various model essays, poems , and excerpts from novels to analyze the author's style and purpose for writing. Most of our work will be in class unless an assignment was not finished. We are learning revising strategies to vary and combine our sentences. I am also giving students reading and library time since the reading logs are due on Wednesday. I hope you have a nice 3 day weekend. On Tuesday we will begin typing our essays to finish out this grading period.

Math with Mrs. Johnson

Our first 9 weeks is almost finished. I am seeing some great work habits and some not so great work habits. They need to have great work habits because the material will get harder as the year progresses. These habits will prove very valuable in future years. Is your child turning in work on time? Is your child giving their best effort? Is your child organized and can easily find their papers? Also, make sure your child corrects any failed assignments. Every failing paper can be corrected for a 70. I am available for help, they just need to ask.

They learned how to model and multiply with fractions. They have been modeling really well. I am really impressed with how quick they picked up on it. Next, they will learn how to model and divide with fractions. This will wrap up our unit on fraction operations. I will not test on this unit until the week of the 19th. I like to work more problems and increase their confidence and accuracy before testing.

Our next unit is decimals. They will multiply and divide with decimals.

Science with Mrs. Hintze

Students have continued working on their understanding of the properties of matter. This week they have been making observations and testing chemical properties and changes. They will also make comparisons between the chemical and the physical properties and changes of matter. Additionally, they will be able to identify the formation of a new substance by using the evidence of a possible chemical change.

We will be having a test over this unit on Thursday October 15th.

World Cultures

Mexico City Tour

Students have been on a bus tour of Mexico City! Using video resources and interactive activities students have visited 4 places in Mexico City where they have identified and described common traits that define Mexican culture and how they are manifested in daily life. They have gained a greater understanding of how different socioeconomic groups struggle to survive and thrive in Mexico City. They "visited" La Plaza de las Tres Culturas, La Basilica de Guadalupe, and various neighborhoods of Mexico City.

Students will culminate this Mexico City tour by writing a letter to a friend describing all they did and saw on their trip!

More photos of the 6th graders