Daniel Sanchez

To Let You Know

Before you read the following, I'm letting you know that no plagiarism is involved whatsoever and all artifacts are made up but problems like this can actually occur and families and kids actually do deal with these kind of problems around the world.

Dear Diary,

My nightmare has just begun and I want it to end. I thought I had finally made friends for the first time. We started to have friendly conversations and one of them contained a private picture of me that I sent to him. I told him not to share it with anybody and then maybe about three to four hours later, the picture was posted on his social media page. I started to read some of the comments that had read "Get a life you nobody" and "How does this kid expect to be cool, what a loser!" I started to weep for a while and I didn't want my parents to get involved so I then started to weep myself to sleep.

Sincerely, Damian

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Sometimes, I can't tell if I'm in a fantasy or reality

And sometimes, my victims expect an apology.

I would go on the Internet and snub little kids

While they expect me to face my consequences.

Sometimes, I would party with my friends while drinking liquor

And when I got back on the internet, I found out that a kid pulled the trigger

I now regret the actions that I committed

And now I sometimes... no and now I always think about how life is limited.

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15-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Cyber Bullied (Report)

On May 23, 2009, Ashley Forest who was fifteen years old leaped to her death after climbing The Fort Worth Club Tower which is approximately 195 ft. At the site of the tragedy, friends and family mourned, prayed, and made a makeshift memorial for beloved Ashley.

Her mother, Crystal Forest, said her daughter's suicide was caused after months of bullying in person and on social media. Even after Crystal reported to the principal about the bullying, it still continued on. "I told them that Ashley was being threatened in person and online saying that they'll jump her and he responds by saying that he'll take care of it and yet, they still jump her," she said through tears.

The Tarrant County Chief of Police said that the threats didn't stop. "Here's some of the quotes that we found: 'Why are you still even alive? Do us all a favor and go kill yourself!'" he told reporters this week. Crystal tried everything that she could think of: she moved her to a new school and even deleted her Facebook account but what she didn't know was that her daughter started using new forms of social media.

It was too late when Ashley sent a text to one of her friends that read "I'm dead. I'm jumping. I can't take it anymore." On Saturday, she climbed The Fort Worth Club Tower and then leaped to her death. Detectives later found on Ashley's search engine some clues that could have been another result of her death and one of the clues read "How many sleeping pills do you need to take to die?" The Chief of Police is considering filing charges against the juveniles who sent the messages.