Gum should be allowed in school :) Kids need gum.

Should gum be allowed in school?

Do you think gum should be allowed in school? It should because it helps kids stay focused in class. If a kid is chewing gum then there jaw is moving which is keeping them awake. In this article I will tell you how gum helps children in school.

Why gum should be allowed in school

Gum should be allowed in school because it helps students stay awake in class. " Students in my classes sometimes have trouble staying awake awake, much less keeping alert." It can also help students in class get better grades because it stimulates your brain. But chewing gum can also be distracting. It can be loud if people are chewing gum with there mouth open. People can also blow bubbles with the gum. But that can be addressed. Teachers can tell that students to chew with there mouth closed. They can also tell there students not to blow bubbles and if they do it could be a detention.