Montgomery bus Boycott

the story of the segregation law

The Strength Behind the people

From 1955-1956 the people that were behind the elaborate Montgomery bus Boycott sacrificed their time to walking to make a point to treat them better.

The right


The blacks like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Claudette Colvin, and JoAnn Robertson had very much courage. Like Rosa and Claudette were arrested because they didn't want to get out of their seats on the bus. They didn't want to because they were sitting behind the whites only seating. Also all of them thought of their race as equals to the whites and they didn't want to give that up.

we are a group that is against the segregation law.

We go on talking and explaining things about the Segregation laws and how its against the constitutional right. Also we try to explain how wrong the law was towards the other races.