Cowboy Gear

By:Andrew Arnold

Wide Brim Cowboy Hat, !!!!$15.00!!!!

The deep crown helped the cowboys head keep cool. The cowboy hat could fan a fire out, signal another cowboy if he or she was in danger, and could scoop up water from a stream or a lake for water.
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A Vest!!!!!$18.00!!!!!

The cowboys wore a vest instead of a coat because a coat got in their way. They wore a vest over their shirt. They would only wear a coat if it was bitterly cold. The Vest had pockets to hold a watch, tobacco, and a few coins. Its like this but not wool. BELOW
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They wore chaps over their regular trousers, which were made of wool, canvas, and denim.Chaps protected the cowboys legs from thorn and the saddle.
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Cowboy Boots!!!!$20.00!!!!

Cowboy boots were high, tapered heels to keep the cowboys boots from slipping out from the stirupps. Their tapered toes prevented the cowboys foot from catching in a stirupp if he or she fell
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