Freshman Year

You are finally a freshman....


Hello upcoming freshman. My name is Jenna Hasson and I was a student in Mrs Allen's English class the past year. There are a few things you will need to know to pass and survive freshman year and English class.

Overview of The Course

In Mrs. Allen's classroom, you will be reading quite a lot. Even if you don't like to read she will most likely have something you are interested in. If you hate reading all together she will somehow try her hardest to get you to like reading more. A few of the things you will ready are the books The Hunger Games, Monster, Romeo and Juliet, and you will even read some poetry.

Independent Reading

You will read probably about 5 independent reading books throughout the school year. You should pick a book that you have interest in so you will actually read the book. Also, Mrs. Allen will be able to tell if you read the book, because she will do a book talk with you. A book talk is just her asking you questions about your book to make sure you read it.

Favorite Thing about English 9

My favorite thing to do in English was independent reading. I personally love reading so I liked how we got to pick out our own books to read. Also, if you aren't that big of a reader this would be something you might like because you can pick a book in something you would be interested in.

Not so Favorite Thing about English 9

The thing that wasn't my favorite in English was giving the speeches. We had to do some speeches and I would always work myself up over it wondering if I sounded good or if it didn't make any sense. We had a speech we had to record us doing for poetry. To do well on this make sure you are comfortable with a partner you pick that way you won't be as nervous while recording.

5 Ways To Pass English 9

  • First thing is to stay organized. If you are more organized in her class you will do well because you get a lot of papers you need to keep.
  • Keep a binder. Mrs. Allen requires a binder anyways, but make sure you keep every paper you recive in here so you will do well on binder checks.
  • Study. You have to start studying more in ninth grade, because it is harder than eighth grade and you are going to want good test grades.
  • Do your homwork. Homework counts towards your grade so much. Even if you do well on test if you aren't doing your homeowrk it is going to bring you down a lot in the class.
  • Actually read the books assigned. Don't procrastinate and not end up reading the books, because you get assignments with each book you read and sometimes you have book talks.

Advice For Upcoming Freshman

My advice for you all is for you to pay attention. Paying attention instead of falling asleep or messing around in class is gonna help you do a lot better in class. Also always do your homework and study for class because freshman year is where it starts counting for your GPA. Also, don't stress yourself out too much! Have a good year!