Savvy Students

Winter Newsletter for Wyman/Holden Library

Winter Hibernation?

No way, not in the libary! We've been busy... creating, coding, collaborating and staying safe online.
Dog Days

Book Trailers

5th Grade Videographers

Fifth graders used DoInk for Green Screen to film scenes from their favorite books, then added videos, text and images to Animoto to create book trailers. View more on my library page 5th Grade Book Trailers.
Kindergarten Students Coding

Hour of Code

From Kindergarten to Sixth grade, students participated in an Hour of Code during December library classes. Coding teaches children to be persistent and to think logically while developing basic computer skills. The International movement, Hour of Code takes place during Computer Science Week. This year it was December 5-11.

Internet Safety

RICBA Nominees

Sending a big thank you to Michelle Steever for gathering the book trailers and creating a Playlist for the Rhode Island Children Book Award Nominees. My students were inspired and motivated to read in preparation for our February vote.

Classroom Collaboration

Third Grade Library Link Up

Mrs. Lautieri and I put our heads together to come up with a more interesting way to encourage her students to read. The fruits of that collaboration will be coming soon. Students are practicing and beginning to record book interviews in library that will be delivered through QR Codes linked to their MP3 recordings.