Hospitality Committee

I. Ellis Johnson Elementary

Committee Purpose & Mission

The purpose & mission of the Hospitality Committee at IEJ for the 2016-17 school year is to is to help foster & promote a friendly, welcoming, & caring community within our school & to reach out to faculty, staff, & stakeholders who are affected by the IEJ Family. School culture is a key ingredient for success. The Hospitality Committee will work to ensure that the culture & morale of IEJ is an active & vibrant part of our story!

Hospitality Committee Members

Tiffany Mathison (Committee Chair)

Patria McMillan

Gale Mills

Brittany Davenport

Mary Moore-Locklear

Tiffeny Fields

Sylvia Grapine

Me'Lisa Butler

Vaneshia Love

Sonja Hawn

Kimmy Cannady

Lafayette Gould

Michael Seely

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Hospitality Committee Dues

Membership dues will drive the work of the Hospitality Committee & the ability to provide quality, equitable events/activities for all. How with the Hospitality Committee disseminate information to the IEJ Family & determine how to collect & how much membership dues will be? What is the timeline for collecting dues? We truly need to get the ball rolling on this initiative so develop a timeline with responsibilities to communicate the information with faculty/staff.

Next Steps for the Hospitality Committee?

As we approach the 2nd nine week at IEJ, what ideas, initiatives, ideas, or activities will the Hospitality Committee be implementing in the coming days, weeks, months? Develop a SPECIFIC timeline of activities, who will be responsible for specific duties, & how information will be communicated. Submit this plan to administration along with your committee minutes.