Division Flyer

Steps for Whole number and Decimal divison

The Steps

  1. The first number in your problem is a Dividend and the second number a divisor.
  2. You have to set up your house for long division.
  3. The DIVIDEND goes in the house and the DIVISOR goes outside.
  4. After that you have to put the decimal point from your DIVIDEND right on the top of the house.
  5. Next you have to figure out how many times the DIVISOR goes in the first number of the DIVIDEND If it doesn't go in at all then go to the next step if it does go in 1 or more time go to step 7.
  6. If it doesn't go in at all than you use the first and second number to divide into and so on.
  7. If it does go in than you put the number of how many times you can put the DIVISOR in the DIVIDEND then take the number that you got and put it under the DIVIDEND.
  8. Take the next number in the DIVIDEND and put it next to the number that came out of your subtraction.
  9. Next see how many times the DIVISOR go into the next number of the DIVIDEND.
  10. Lastly repeat steps 5 through 9.


The problem we will use is 532.84 ÷ 23


  1. 23 |532.84 _____._____
  2. 23|532.84 _0____._______
  3. 23|532.84 _02___._____
  4. 23|532.84 -46 7 02__.____
  5. 23|532.84 -46 7
  6. and continue the steps to finish the problem! TRY IT YOURSELF!
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