New York City

by: Jessie DelosSantos

History of the City

History of the city New York is very interesting. It was first founded by the europeans long ago. New York City is also one of the 13 colonies and was one of the first founded . In a terrible incident which no one will ever forget in September 11,2001 when a calm day turned into a dangerous evening. Two hijacked air planes hit the beautiful twin towers causing them to fall to the ground which led to thousand of people dead. There was also supposed to be a third hijacked air plane but the passengers aboard gave their lives to take back the plane and crash the plane in the high voltage building called the pentagon. That is why today we have the Statue of Liberty to show that we have freedom and liberty in what we do. While hoping nothing like that ever happens again.

Popular State

New York City is a very popular state with cool facts and interesting things. New York City has the most taxi drivers. That also leads me to where New York also has lots and lots of traffic nobody can ever sleep or take a walk in the park without hearing a horn or yelling. It is also home to the New York Yankees one of the best baseball teams ever. They are not just famous for their sports they are also famous for their high education. Out of the world they are 2nd for most kids graduated from school. The city is also known for its many names like The Big Apple,The City,The Dream State,and many more. New York City is also famous for its beautiful scenery which brings lots of tourist and and family from out of town to enjoy the great state. Now you know everything you need to know about New York City plus more.