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The Problem

Recent studies have shown that the population of the Lake Highlands area will double in the next 10 years. With this growth the population of Lake Highlands high school will rise greatly, the problem is that the population already exceeds the limits of the buildings that it occupies. For this reason the RISD Board of Education has come up with a brilliant solution!

The Solution

Obviously the only way to solve this problem of overpopulation in schools is to decrease the number of students at the school, so the Board has decided that, for the benefit of all, we separate the school and have a female and male campus. Each campus will be strictly operated and attended by the respective sex that belongs there.


The Board of Education fully realizes that this move has the connotation of sexism but just this morning it released an official statement saying that, "All possibilities have been measured and we feel it is the best move on the aggregate. Each school will be given the same amount of funding, support, and recognition as the other."

Despite this message of affirmation, some groups such as the Lake Highlands Feminist club are not happy at all. They say that they will boycott going to school if this solution is put into place. However, many other students have expressed their support of it saying things such as, "Separation could be a good thing, it will help us focus more on the task of learning."

One more reason the Board gave for this decision is that it will reduce the number of relationships because of the daily separation and this will help with the problem of teen pregnancy.

The final decision has not been made yet, but this is a serious consideration. RISD will be conducting a poll in the next few weeks of parents, students, and staff to make a final decision.